Bank wire orders offer a 4% discount and have a $2,500 order minimum and a $5,000,000 order maximum. To place a bank wire order, simply select “Bank Wire” as your payment method.

Upon completing your order, you will receive our wiring instructions for sending your payment. You can also see our wiring instructions in your order confirmation email, as well as in the order tracking area of our site. To complete the wire transfer, use our wiring instructions to either send an online wire or an in-person wire at your local bank (do not send an ACH – make sure it is a wire transfer). Please remember to write your order number in the notes area on the wire form. Be advised that most banks charge an outgoing wire fee, which can range anywhere between $10-$30 for a domestic transfer.

Bank wire payments MUST be received within one business day of order placement. All orders not paid within this time frame will be canceled and cancellation fees/market losses will be billed without exception. Example time frames: an order placed on Saturday, prior to midnight, would need to be paid by close of business Monday. An order placed Monday morning, prior to 8:00 a.m. would need to be paid by close of business Monday. An order placed Tuesday evening would need to be paid by close of business Wednesday.

Bank wires clear immediately and enter the shipping queue instantly upon receipt. Please note we update wires to Paid in batches several times throughout the day, so you can expect email confirmation of your received bank wire by close of business on the day of receipt. After we have received your wire payment, we prepare your package for shipping and notify you as soon as it is shipped. You then have full shipping tracking emailed to you, so you can follow your package’s progress until it arrives.